Computer Aided Design

What is design remodeling?

Design remodeling is patiently and attentively listening to the customers' wishes and ideas, along with an on-site visual inspection. We then focus our design on helping to realize your vision and make your dream remodeling project come true.

Our 3D renders help you to visualize the finished project.

Design Remodeling Facts

  • A design must precede an estimate.
  • A stated budget cost can direct design.
  • Designs may need to be engineer stamped or approved by building inspectors.
  • The many years of remodeling experience enables us to quote onsite, within a 20% margin.
  • Often times, that 20% margin allows the home owner to evaluate the cost involved and be able to give a more accurate dollar amount, resulting in accurate designing and estimating.
  • Our designs are done through Computer Aided Designing, also known as CAD.
  • Our CAD designing allows you to see how the project will look before the project even begins.
  • We have over 10 years of CAD experience.
  • Changes and re-drawing are welcome at no additional cost.

Due to the number of hours involved in creating these 3D renderings, we can not leave the CAD drawings with you without a signed contract. Should you decide not to do the work with us, you may purchase the plans.